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Breadboard 840 Tie Point

Rs 240.00

    A breadboard is an invaluable tool for experimenting with circuit designs whether in the R and D or university lab. A breadboard is used to make up temporary circuits for testi..

Breadboard 400 Tie Point

Rs 280.00

8.5 x 5.5cm 400 Tie Points 400 Holes Solderless Breadboard Bread Board Composable Description: Color: white 400 tie points(300 tie points if not include the IO holes) With self-adhesive tape Applicati..

Breadboard 830 Tie Point

Rs 375.00

Breadboard 830 Tie Point 16.5x5.5x0.85 CmModel - MB-102Dimension : 830 Tie Points consist of: 630 Tie-Point Terminal Strip, 200 Tie Point Distribution StripsMatrix : 126 separate 5 point terminals, pl..

Breadboard 170 Tie Point

Rs 75.00

Breadboard 170 Tie Points for Solderless Prototype Experiment TestSpecifications :Board Material: White ABS plastic with black legendInternal Contacts Material: Phosphor bronze finished.Board Base: Se..

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