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12 VDC 120 RPM ZGA25RP High Torque Gear Motor

Rs 1,200.00

Model:ZGA25RPNo-load Speed: 120RPM at 12 Volts; 1.4;Power: 4.8W;No-load Current: 0.4A;Load Current: 0.4A;Reduction Ratio: 1: 83D Shaft Size: 12mm x 4mm/0.47 x 0.16 inches (L*D);Gearbox Size: 22m..

Gear Motor DC 3-6v For Arduino Smart Robot Car

Rs 160.00

This Mini Electric Motor is a general purpose motor, work with batteries or solar cells perfectly Great replacement for the rusty or damaged DC gear motor on the machine. Used for electronic fans, ele..

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