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12 VDC 120 RPM ZGA25RP High Torque Gear Motor

Rs 1,200.00

Model:ZGA25RPNo-load Speed: 120RPM at 12 Volts; 1.4;Power: 4.8W;No-load Current: 0.4A;Load Current: 0.4A;Reduction Ratio: 1: 83D Shaft Size: 12mm x 4mm/0.47 x 0.16 inches (L*D);Gearbox Size: 22m..

Gear Motor DC 3-6v For Arduino Smart Robot Car

Rs 210.00

This Mini Electric Motor is a general purpose motor, work with batteries or solar cells perfectly Great replacement for the rusty or damaged DC gear motor on the machine. Used for electronic fans, ele..

130 DC Brushed Toy Motor

Rs 40.00

130 DC Brushed Toy MotorThis is a standard '130 size' DC motor. It comes with a wider operating range than most toy motors: from 4.5 to 9VDC, This range makes them perfect for controlling with most of..

180 DC Brushed Motor 3.7V - 8.0V

Rs 370.00

180 DC Brushed Motor 3.7V - 8.0VSpecifications :Voltage: 3.7 – 8.0VRated Voltage: 6.0VSpeed: 32000rpm(6.0V)/ 14500rpm(3V)No-load Current: 0.45A(3V)/ 0.65A(6V)Load Current: 0.96A(3V/6V)Shaft Diameter: ..

RS550 Motor High Speed 22800 RPM 12V DC

Rs 1,490.00

RS550 Motor High Speed 22800 RPM 12V DCThis is the powerful RS-550 Motor 14000rpm 12V with a 3-pole balanced armature. If you are using this motor with a microcontroller, you will need a powerful moto..

380 DC Brushed Motor 6V - 12V

Rs 580.00

380 DC Brushed Motor 6V - 12VMade of premium material, high strength and hardness, strong structure, durable in use. Exquisite workmanship, smooth metal surface without obvious scratches. High moment ..

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