Terms of Sale
When you are searching or using our website Menstore.lk products are services, please keep in mind that you are by the following Terms and Conditions. Please be free to review them carefully and understand the thing we highlighted.
  • The order is only valid for the product mentioned in website.
  • Island wide delivery is available and an additional cost for specified products only.
  • Orders cannot be exchanged or redeemed for cash.
  • Our Menstore.lk management totally reserves the right to decide about the replacement of products and services for which there is no warranty.
Liability for Content
  • In very best way, exertion has been made to give precise data on these pages, neither Menstore.lk, nor any of its representatives, nor any individual from the Menstore.lk member or accomplice organizations, their providers, nor any of their workers, make any guarantee, communicated or inferred, or accept any lawful risk (to the degree allowed by law) or obligation regarding the reasonableness, unwavering quality, idealness, exactness or culmination of the substance of the Menstore.lk Website.
  • Menstore.lk reserves the right to cancel any order placed by our valuable customer at any time when there is a technical or human error or mistake, at its sole discretion and refund the payment back to the customer.
  • Menstore.lk is unable to exercise control over the security or subject matter of Content passing over the Menstore.lk Any kind for the transmission or reception of infringing Content of whatever nature is not in our liability scope.
  • Content published and displayed by third parties that is included in the Website and they may be linked to and from the Website. Menstore.lk assumes no responsibility for these kind of reactions.
  • No member of Menstore.lk or Menstore.lk will be liable for any loss, special or indirect or consequential damages arising out of or in connection with a contract, negligence or other tort.
Cancellation, Return and Refund Policy
  • Orders cannot be cancelled or goods returned when conformation of transaction is sent via email by Menstore.lk to the user.
  • Any issue related to any product or service should be inform to of Menstore.lk staff through email or voice call within 2 days of the purchase.
  • Management of Menstore.lk fully reserves the right to decide on refunding or replacing a product or service.
Unavailability of Product / Product Out of Stock
Inventory of all products advertised on website are not managed or maintained by us. We only acts as an intermediary between the customer and the supplier for such products. These products may not be available from time to time due to some reasons however the product may be available for if the supplier has not promptly informed us of the fact that the product is unavailable for them to supply us. In such circumstances our site does not accept any liability whatsoever.
All refunds are processed within 7 working days by Menstore.lk. Further processing back to your bank account may require additional time depending on the bank for which we cannot be held liable.
You may have extra consumer rights under the local law that this contract cannot change.
Accurate Information
The customer is responsible for giving exact information at the hour of enrollment. Customers are liable for ensuring that nuances are invigorated and current. In the event that a customer doesn't give right and careful information the course of action won't be prepared. Menstore.lk asserts all power to end customer enlistment at whatever point if enter of these terms and conditions occur. Menstore.lk assembles customers own one of a kind information for future exhibiting and particular purposes just and won't share this information.
Upon registration the user is solely responsible for the User ID on the Menstore.lk site and all actions made on our site while logged in as a member. The user is completely responsible for the account being accessed and use of our services.
Menstore.lk is a trademark owned by Menstore.lk. It is owned exclusively by its rightful owners and cannot be used by any other party unless otherwise it is clearly stated and authorized by its legitimate owners.
Postings and Uploads
Menstore.lk maintains whatever authority is needed to screen and square or expel correspondences or materials that are seen as wrong, disparaging, slanderous, revolting, fake, beguiling, misdirecting, or encroaching on copyright, trademark or licensed innovation rights. Also, disregarding any laws. Menstore.lk will participate completely with any law implementation specialists or court request that solicitations or coordinates to reveal the character of any individual who uncovers such interchanges or data.